Of Wikibreaks, geriatric dogs, and two non-joke blogs in a row

Time for a break.

No one has noticed yet, seeing as how I only just made this decision, but I'm going on hiatus for a bit. Why? Because I can, and because I am an attention whore bent on building up emotions in order to receive a hero's welcome every time I "return."

In all seriousness, I just kinda need a break. I've got major writer's block, nothing really seems to be happening on the site right now, and I've just got a lot of other stuff going on. As much as I love you guys, I feel I must reconsider my priorities and go with my gut on this one. My gut tells me that it's time for a break, and I'll listen to my gut.

I love you guys. I love Uncyclopedia. Of course I'm coming back, probably within a few weeks. But for now, I'm just not really up to the task of editing every day and putting out funny articles and all. Right now, I'm more focused on my musical endeavors. For those of you who don't already know, music is my true passion, more than writing. And I've just got so much to do with that right now that I feel it should come first.

I'll still update this blog about as often as I usually do, just in case anyone is interested in what I do outside of Uncyc. (That means you, Optimuschris.) For example, my dog got to come home from the vet today. He got really sick the other day and passed out in the woods and started shitting himself and all. But the vet said he may have some problems with his liver and whatnot so he had to stay there for a few days. But now he's home. I guess I never realized that the dude's like 10 years old and that makes him a senior citizen in dog years. Right now we're being careful about what we give him and stuff. I think he'll be okay for now, though.

I'll be okay, too. I'll be back on Uncyc before you even notice that I left.



Cajek said...

We miss you, Sys.

Heeren said...

Ya, what he said. Good luck with whatever you do, and come back soon, dammit!

SysRq said...

Like I said, I'll still be blogging and all. Odds are I'll be back up at Uncyc in a week or so. Don't y'all freak out or anything, I'm not leaving for any long period of time.


Anonymous said...

Oy, betcha thought I'd forgotten about you. NEVER MY LOVE! Hurry back!