Of old friends

Alright, so I finally got Thunderbird to work for me. I had been fighting with my Gmail account and how to make it work with Thunderbird, but then I discovered a tutorial in Gmail specifically for Thunderbird, and so now it works great.

As I was importing some odd 800 old emails into Thunderbird, I recognized one of the first emails in my inbox to be from an old friend of mine from another website that will not be named. But it was from back in 2006, and I hadn't spoken to the fellah in forever. I had been trying to reconnect with some of my old internet buddies for a little while now, and I finally had somewhat of a lead.

I drop him an email, only half-expecting a response. Sho nuff, he replies, and we end up exchanging a couple messages before exchanging Skype names and talking there. Apparently, him and a couple of my other friends from that group still hang out in some Skype chatroom, three years after all of us had left our site of origin. No one else was online, but I talked to him for a bit. It was really cool catching up and all. I'm pretty glad that now I know where most of my old friends are.

Still looking for one other, apparently he plays a lot of WoW and is busy being a loser. I don't care, I'd still like to find him.

Anyways, nothing else really funny or interesting has happened to me as of late. Uncyc is slow right now. I didn't have to work today, which is cool. I think I'll go play my tuba.


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