Of mixing business with pleasure

So a couple weeks ago, I met this girl. She was a little older than me, but she was absolutely gorgeous, not to mention a medical practitioner. That was all I knew about her, but it was all I needed to know to ask her for her number. She seemed nice when we met, we were both at this party and she made a comment about my shoes or something. I can't remember. All I do remember about the party was that I had this girl's number and that I had to attend a funeral that weekend for something totally unrelated. (or so I was supposed to say)

But after that, I decided to call her up last weekend. She said she would really like to get together that Saturday to go out for lunch or something. I asked her if there was somewhere in particular she wanted to go, and she said she wanted to go get some sushi somewhere. I just happened to know this great little sushi place right on base, just down the hill from where I live so I told her it was on.

I showed up a few minutes early, but she was already inside waiting. I pulled up a chair next to the bar and the two of us started talking. She asked me about what I do, and I told her I was a Space Marine from space. (I'm not actually a Space Marine from space.) She thought that was cool, and I told her some war stories about how we were the ones who actually took out the Kingons or the Jedi or some shit, I dunno what I said, I was already hitting the wasabi pretty hard. So I asked her about her job. She said it was interesting work, and that she really enjoyed it.

Turns out she's a gynecologist. And I had taken her to a sushi bar.

I was trying to hide my minor case of the freakouts. I mean, I have no problem with her being a gynecologist. Whatever, I'd love to be a gynecologist. Seems like a fun gig. But is that why she suggested that we go out for sushi? What the hell was going on here? The whole time I was trying to sort all of this new information out in my head to determine whether or not I should actually be put off by this, she was still talking to me about her cat or her bird or her monkey or something. I just kept nodding and thinking "Oh God, let's just order some food and get out of here. If I take her somewhere else, I'll be fine."

So I asked her if she was ready to order.

She says to me "Yeah, you can order for me. Just get me something with crabs in it."

I ran out of the room and never called her again.


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