Of tests, chili, and MacBooks

So today I took my SAT up in Chantilly. Of course I feel like I did pretty well, considering I wrote a kickass essay and did awesome on the first few sections up until the fire alarm went off. Scared the fuck out of me, even though it wasn't that loud. But the proctor didn't know what to do, so he just said we should continue taking the test. When the PA came on and told us there was actually a real fire, however, we had to leave. I wasn't thinking "wow I hope we get out of the building safely" or anything. Oh no. I was thinking "wow I hope my fantastic essay doesn't burn because I would hate to have to do another one." Such is my devotion to having an impressive enough score to get money from universities. Yeah, ultimately, it's about money.

On the way home, I was telling my dad about the one time that I had shown up to work (I work at a music store) and found both Sean (who no longer works there) and Elias (the manager) completely immobile and useless for the rest of the day. I asked Elias why he was being such a bum, and he told me that he and Sean had eaten lunch at the Hard Times Cafe right across from us. He said that burger made him move slower for the rest of the day. I figured I had to try it. I didn't get a burger; the waiter sold me on the chili. I tried the chili and it was fantastic. Probably the best chili I've ever had. I ordered another bowl and was barely able to walk out of there. That was some damn good chili.

Also, while we were in Woodbridge, we took the opportunity to stop into Best Buy and check out some MacBooks. I'm in the process of shopping for a laptop for school, and I've already pretty much decided on getting a Mac. The computer I'm on is running XP, which is a fine operating system, but I know that any PC laptop that I buy will be running Vista, the use of which is a fate worse than death. Mac OS X it is.

And then I got home and decided to make a blog or some shit. =D


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