Of joy and shame

Today marks a very special achievement for me.

Yes, I've done it.

Three features in one week.

I gotta say thanks to all the Uncyclopedians who helped me out by reviewing the articles promptly and being so supportive of my writing. I still find it amazing that I got an article featured with 200% health. That's another first for me. But three features in one week? That's a big deal to me, I'm pretty happy with that. Perhaps I really am a good writer after all. Heh, after almost two years on this site, I seem to be just now figuring things out.

But such victories are short lived. Why? Because I am a dick. Just today, I saw a nooby little article on VFH (since I really only cruise VFH when I have something nommed, making me even more of a bitch) and felt the need to shoot it down, and shoot it down harshly. I feel bad about it, and I know that there are some other users who told me straight up that I was out of line. And they're right; I was. Of course I decide to do this just a few days after writing up a big long rant on some forum topic about how we're too mean to new users. I suck. Here I go, letting myself get all swept up in my own success, and totally forgetting that these are real people and not just blue usernames on a screen. I was out of line. I only hope I can use this as an opportunity to get better about the way I treat my fellow users.



orian57 said...

Heya SissyRq, seriously what is with that hair? I vote Against get it cut, you look like a girl.

Also, cool blog, keep it up. "Keep it up" it's harder than it sounds. cos things have to happen to you that are significant enough to write about, and life's highly unpredictable.

I think all us Uncyclopedians should have a blog (or three), though I tottaly have the Best name, UnBlog.

Now that I've writtin this I have to guess what those letters are... Is that a H or a Y?

SysRq said...

I already cut mah hair, that pic was from a while ago. I just don't have any recent pictures up. I'll update it when I do.

And thanks, I'm having fun with it so far. I was thinking about doing another non-humor blog if this one takes off.

What letters are you talking about?