Of a day of silence and a day of misery

So I wake up yesterday and discover that fall has officially arrived in my lovely little Marine Corps base that is my current place of residence without even having to look outside or do anything. How do I know this?

I'm sick.

Yesterday, September 23rd, is the Fall Equinox. On that day, the daylight began growing shorter and the nights began getting longer. My body can sense this key location in the Earth's orbit and has, for as long as I can remember, decided that the only way to let me know is by getting sick.

I've been getting sick on the first day of fall all my life. Amazing, I know. Of course, I got over it a long time ago. But this time, fall hit me like a ton of bricks. I spent all of yesterday as a mute. My throat was so jacked up that I couldn't get recognizable tones to crawl up and out of it. Just try it. Take a day off from talking. Believe it or not, (to quote Early Cuyler) it's funner than hell.

Having an excuse to be silent for a day is great. I have a reason to point at people. Restraining myself from all of my smart-ass remarks worked out for the better as well. People actually found me tolerable to be around, now that I wasn't constantly making dumb comments about the pictures in the textbook or telling them how they have no right to parade around in those shorts when their legs have the same color and texture as ricotta cheese. I didn't answer questions in class, I didn't make dumb small talk with random adult figures, and I didn't say the word "boner" right as everyone else stopped talking. "Who said that?" I sure didn't. Others did that for me. Passing notes was now perfectly acceptable. Conversations that otherwise would have certainly started fights now stayed safely locked up in my conscious; I discovered that these urges to call people out for being douchebags (even if they are, in fact, walking sacks full of douches) quietly fizzle out within about thirty seconds if they are not acted upon. Yes, life was great.

Today, life sucks. I'm typing this with a rolled up square of toilet paper in my nose. I've got nosebleeds, headaches, snot just pouring out of my face, just the works. My mommy is on her way to get me more TheraFlu and DayQuill right now, actually. I skipped out on XC practice today and just sat in a chair and stared at a blank TV screen for a few hours before I decided to actually turn it on and get some food.

Whatever, I know this wasn't a very funny one. I'm in no mood for jokes. I'm not that funny when I'm sick.

Stay well!

Cheers *grumble*,

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Autumn said...

That's because you're really a fish monster. Deal with it.