Of procrastination, hypocracy, slothfulness, distractions, and pumpkins

All will be answered in time.

This weekend, I have been unbelievably lazy. I've gone from inserting pictures of my dog's face into Super Mario 64 to finally starting work on my podcast show, which some of you closer friends may have already heard. My list of things to do this weekend, which includes working on my new song (and fixing up the other two I need to finish), finishing my art homework, finishing my English homework, playing my tuba, and maybe even making a blog post, has gone largely ignored. Instead, I carved a pumpkin.

To celebrate the Apple event on the 14th, I have carved this Apple pumpkin.

Send me one of them new MacBooks now, please.

If you happen to have any Windows pumpkins you would care to share, please send me your address and have it conveniently located on your front porch so I may stomp it and follow that up with a good iTeePee-ing of your house.

Also, I ran a Google Image Search for "Apple Icon Pumpkin" and found that my pumpkin is the best. All of the other ones suck.

But what I did find was that people are even dumber than I thought. I found several images of a Pumpkin PC, something that is grounds for removal from the digital gene pool.

I'd like to see some other pumpkins, though. I believe I remember spotting a Bomb-omb pumpkin, a Death Star pumpkin, and a Firefox pumpkin. Get clever. Send me some pumpkins. Win cash.

Oh wait, I won't give you money.

In other news I may be coming back to Uncyc in about one month's time. Told you all would be answered in time.


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Autumn said...

You're coming back to Uncyc?! YAY!
Now, I can verbally and sexually harass you, and no one will stop me!!!!!